Who We Are ?


Based in Toronto, Canada, the founding partners are successful technology professionals with a shared fascination with the potential of technological innovation and human service.

They have a deep concern for the future of all humans and want their efforts to contribute to the promotion of human welfare.  To this end they have created initiatives in the areas of Education, Healthcare Advocacy and Personal Growth.               

David Kotchie, Marcus Julien and Sunil Patel founded Blulabs with a simple purpose “let’s have fun and do what we enjoy”. We felt modelling our company on current corporate culture wasn’t for us, we wanted to be different. We felt that…Our world’s greatest and most precious commodity is people. At Blulabs ALL of our projects orbit around an environment and community sense, and all incorporate a sense of ‘giving back’ to the world, through their core activities and in some cases charitable donations. At Blulabs we believe corporate accountability, transparency, a strong environmental and community sense sets us apart.

At its conception many ideas of what Blulabs should focus on were debated back and forth. In the end we agreed that each founder needed to bring an area of interest; we chose Education, Health and Personal Growth.